How Did The People Of India React To The Government Of India Act, 1935?


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General Reaction: The new Constitution of India known as the Government of India Act, 1935, could not fetal" satisfaction to the people of India. No doubt the Provincial Governments had been given vast powers and the Diarchy system abolished, yet the special powers conferred on the English Governor General in the centre of the federation were not acceptable to the Indian political parties. The powers given to the Provincial Governors were also objectionable.

Attitude of Muslims League towards the Act, 1935: Like almost all the Indian political parties, the Muslim League too did not how it's favorable reaction to the new Constitution of India. However, the leaders of Muslim League regarded it advisable, under the prevailing circumstances, to accept the Act for the time being. They thought that the only way to bring about constitutional changes to safeguard the Muslim interests was to send Muslim representatives in the Assemblies by contesting open elections.

Towards the end of 1934, the elections of the Central Assembly were held under the Act 1919. At that time the Quaid-e-Azam had decided not to take part in the Indian politics and had permanently settled in England. But the Muslims of Bombay Presidency put forward his name as their representative in the Central Assembly; thus he was elected unopposed and was obliged to take his seat in the Assembly.

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