What Contributions Did The British Make To India?


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The British colonization of India is a controversial subject to this day.

Whilst there are many genuine reasons for the Indian population to resent the establishment of the 'British Raj', there were also a number of positives that came with colonization.

What were the benefits of British colonization to India?

It is difficult to speculate about what India would have become, were it not for British colonization.

Dutch traders had already settled in the area before the British, so it is likely that they would have had an influence on the matter,

Britain first arrived in India during the 17th century.

The country was first seen as an important trade location, and as Britain's trade in things like tea and spices flourished, their influence in India grew.

As far as India is concerned, Britain was responsible for developments in all the following areas:

  • education (previously, education was only afforded to people of a high caste. Britain changed that and laid down the roots of India's current wealth in education).
  • agriculture
  • manufacturing
  • mining (Britain's Industrial Revolution had a major impact on the birth of Indian industry)
  • transport (much of India's train and road network was developed by the British)
  • communication
  • the political system (Britain was responsible for setting up the pillars of Indian administration and government).
British contributions to India

As far as British contributions to India's development go, I can't think of anything bigger than the establishment of a peaceful and stable country.

Before the British settled in India, the region was racked by conflict and invasions. Without the British, it is unlikely that India would be the single, powerful, organized state it is today.

The British instilled their idea of government and structure in Indian society, and developed an administration that was capable of managing a diverse, rich and challenging country.
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The English introduced: Medium School, Railway, Post and Telegraph, Judiciary, Civil Service, efficient trained police, military forces etc... And are the main contributors of British culture in India.

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