What Kinds Of Things Did The British Do When Ruling India?


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There are a number of things that the British did for India. They made huge investments on building up of infrastructure in India. They built roads, railway tracks etc. They also built a canal system that is considered the world's best up till now. They also introduced modern methods of farming that helped gain more yield. They also set up missionary education institutions which benefited numerous people and exist up till now.
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The British developed India to an extent.They build roads and railways for transportation,they built canals and encouraged education and irrigation.Indians then accepted the British as they developed their country.Because of the British unemployment now was not a disturbing factor for India. The railway tracks that the British set up in India have yet not been changed.
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They built roads ,canals .They introduced railways in India,set up missionary educations. They treated Indians as slaves.They extracted mineral resources from India. They annexed many territories under rules like doctrine of lapse,etc.
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Britain did nothing for india. It destroyed the canal systems built by previous hindu and muslim rulers of india. Only a handful of british people helped india. Britain caused artificial famines in india. The whole industrial revolution in england was funded by the loot from india. It pretended to the world that it was helping india by abolishing sati etc. But that is propoganda. Sati was negligible in india. There are no references to it in the literatures of indians, not even int he folk literature etc. Only few people practised it. The hindu holybooks vedas, mahabharatha, ramayana do not mention sati at all. In the manu smriti  there is no mention of sati or dowry system.
The british after they came to india discovered that sanskrit was the mother of both latin and greek. In the beginning there was a lot of indomania amongst the learned of europe. But due to propoganda by british it turned to indophobia because they told we fed our children to crocodiles and other libel stuff. Britain finally partitioned india wantedly to india and pakistan. Yes the muslims and hindus are not great friends. But the partition could have been done systematically and slow enough to avoid violence. But that didnt happen because britain wanted india and pakistan to be enemies. Now they are fighting and both countries are ruled by agents  of american elite.
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The Britishers took every money India had. They also started ruling all the places in India.

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