What's The Grosses Thing A Couple Have Done In Front Of You... And Where?


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Keith Old answered
G'day Penny,

Thank you for your question.

Nothing too gross as I recall.

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Gene wright answered
A couple in AZ sold their dog cause the buyers wanted it for dinner.
We called the cops, but they arrived too late.
My cuzin ran after the buyers ,but they got away.
We found out later, the poor dog was sold again to a hot dog vender.
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Maryam Hashmi answered
I went to a house warming party, opened the door to the closet during a game of Hide and Seek, and found an old couple about 60, making out! The full works and all! I was about six, so I screamed my head off...turns out it was the hostess' mother and father in law...
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Anonymous Profile
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I'll tell you via e-mail, after you have proven to me (beyond any/all doubt) that you have already celebrated your 18th birthday.
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I was at Disney World less than a week ago and this couple (like 20 years old or something) start kissing in a line for a ride (they did this for the whole 30 min. Wait....)

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