Is Girlfriend-Boyfriend Culture Good Or Not?


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The whole concept and press on the importance of sex is a bad message. I talk with my daughters about this and tell them that when your young and especially given the TV shows and media concentration and focus on SEX, it is unrealistic in life. The total time in my total life that I have spent engaged in sex compared to everything else, if you really think about it is grossly overstated. Sex is great don't get me wrong but this major focus on Having Sex is the Issue that is unrealistic. Sex with someone that means something to you is much better than sex with just a person. For one the STD's of today are not the forgiving or controllable types they were in the past. The permanent diseases and consequence dictate that sex be with not only someone that you have feelings and a relationship with but also that is healthy and safe. MTV when it came out was about music! Today it doesn't even play music except as a sound-track for the lets have sex shows it airs. I tell my girls to just have fun. There is no rush nor should there ever be a rush to have sex. They will have sex and enough of it and should think of sex as giving something of themselves that they can never get back and they get that much from the person that they have sex with in return. So they had better be careful as someone may look cool today and gone tomorrow.
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Thank you!
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But I personally feel that it is not good that you allow your girls to watch MTV
Steven Vakula
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I don't see where I wrote I let them watch MTV? I use MTV as a reference not as a statement that I let them watch it!
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