Is it cultural appropriation or rude if an Indian girl who is not Hindu wears a bindi?


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Ray Dart answered

I don't suppose anyone will care, although it will be assumed that you ARE a Hindu by people who do not know you. Why would you do this? "Cultural appropriation"? Not sure.

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Deston Elite answered

Nowadays, people are offended by everything. Recently, a video went around on media of a black girl who bullied a white girl because she had a certain hair style. The black girl's excuse was that it was "cultural appropriation", and that it was "her culture".

Personally, not one culture owns one single thing, whether it's hairstyle, symbol, etc. If you want to wear a bindi, then feel free. It's not illegal and you're not hurting anyone. But do be careful, because as I said, they have idiots running rampant nowadays.

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