Which Countries Participated In The Vietnam War?


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Apart from the more obvious belligerents ~ the United States, and North and South Vietnam ~ several countries participated in the Vietnam war. France was the former colonial power in Vietnam and participated in the war's early stages before withdrawing.

After the war heated up, South Korea provided the largest contingent of foreign troops, totalling over 300,000 from 1963 until the end of the war. Australia was the next largest contributor of troops on the South Vietnamese side, providing around 60,000 in total over the entire course of the war. New Zealand was another of the South's allies, furnishing around 4,000 troops to the war effort in all.

On the Communist side, the Soviet Union provided pilots who were involved in training the North Vietnamese. Some are said to have flown combat missions too. China provided a large number of troops to serve in North Vietnam, fulfilling basic functions that freed up North Vietnamese troops for service elsewhere.
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The Vietnam war was a conflict between North Vietnam (backed by the communist countries) and South Vietnam (backed by the capitalist forces). The main countries involved in Vietnam included North Vietnam, South Vietnam, United States of America, Peoples Republic of China, South Korea and USSR. The war resulted in the victory of North Vietnam (the communists) over the South Vietnam which means U.S. Had to accept the defeat. China turned out to be a major player in achieving its supremacy over U.S. In winning the war.
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The USA, Northern Vietnam and Douthern Vietnam participeted.

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-New Zealand
-South Korea
-Montagnard tribes in Southeast Indochina

Russia and China were not officially fighting, they were only supporting North Vietnam
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Russia and the US. I hear a little country called Vietnam was there too, but really, it came down to Russian and the US. Russia offered to help North Vietnam conquer SV, and we stepped in.
As for the other details...
I'm sure someone will look it up for you. I just wanted to point out that we weren't really there to help South Vietnam, we were there to stop Russia.

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Haha South Korea, always doing there part
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The main countries involved in the war were mainly communist North Vietnam (backed by the USSR) and capitalist South Vietnam (backed by the USA)
The Peoples Republic of China and the USSR sent their forces to help North Vietnam while the USA sent its forces to help South Vietnam (similar to the Korean war except with an opposite ending).

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Look, that was like 50 years ago, who cares?
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