Who Was The Last American Killed In The Vietnam War?


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The Vietnam War was also known as the Vietnamese Revolution. It lasted from 1959 until 1975.

The last American to be killed on record was a man named Kelton Rena Turner. He was an 18 year old Marine from Los Angeles, California in the United States. He was killed in action on May 15, 1975, which was approximately two weeks after the evacuation of Saigon, in what became known as the Mayaguez incident. The body of Kelton Rena Turner was never recovered.

Thousands of American soldiers lost their lives during their time in the Vietnam War. However, the last known recorded American to die was Kelton Rena Turner.

Kelton Rena Turner was a Private First Class in the United States marine Corp. He was born on July 15, 1956 in St. Louis, Missouri in the United States.

Kelton Rena Turner's body was never recovered. It disturbs many soldiers that the body was abandoned in Vietnam.
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Kelton Turner wasn't the last soldier killed during the Vietnam era. It was either Joseph Hargrove or Danny Marshall. The only way to decide this issue is to do DNA testing of the remains found by JPAC in the 2008 mission back to Koh Tang. Unfortunately, Jpac is denying having found the remains of the executed American. But there are six witnesses to this fact.
The remains of the executed American are at Hickam Field, Hawaii. Why want they do the right thing and let Joseph Hargrove or Danny Marshall come home?
Also I was on my second trip to Koh Tang when the dogtag of Kelton Turner was found which is now in my possession.

Cary Turner
(cousin to Joseph Hargrove)
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It was Danny Marshall the wall in dc shows the deaths in order of there deaths and Danny Marshall is the last name

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