Which Country Has Provoked The Most War In History?


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Mongol or russia
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It depends on how you quantify 'most war', and even then it's difficult to pin point. If by 'most war' you're referring to the scale of conflict, then Nazi Germany, whose actions led to the biggest conflict the world has seen so far.

If, however, you're referring to frequency and duration of war, then we must definitely look at the Ancient World, even before Rome. Historical records point to the fact that empires in the Middle East, such as the Akkadian and Assyrian, were known to conduct military campaigns almost every year. The Neo-Assyrian Empire, in fact, was famed for this, leading campaigns against Urartu (modern day Armenia and Turkey), Israel, Judah, Egypt, and Babylon. It's attempt to control the latter led to many years of almost continuous conflict.

You also have to take into account political entities whose entire existence was based on war. Alexander's Empire, the Mongol Empire, Napoleon's Empire and the Japanese Empire definitely, in one way or another, fit into this category.

One up and coming country in this field is the USA. Ever since the end of their isolationist policy, during the Second World War, the USA has been involved in an increasing number of conflicts which have led to an increasing number of deaths. This has somewhat intensified since the beginning of the War on Terror, with interventions (in one way or another) in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Libya and now Syria. Their destabilization of the Middle East has also led to a large amount of conflict, the latest manifestation of which is the Islamic State.

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I agree that most of the wars that need to be remembered with this question are those that were before our era. If you are interested, then read this , there are many works about the historical rulers of ancient civilizations. For example, I found there information about Gilgamesh, the ruler of the Sumerian city of Uruk, ruled at the end of the XXVII - the beginning of the XXVI centuries BC. He became a character in Sumerian legends and Akkadian epic - one of the greatest works of literature of the Ancient East. In some myths it is known as the “King of Heroes of Gilgamesh”.

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Countries seeking to aggressively expand their territories and build empires - particularly in Europe - have provoked the most wars. The Roman Empire was famous for its military efficiency and confident enough to provoke numerous wars, a necessary by product of its relentless empire building over hundreds of years. And once Romans had occupied a foreign territory, their mere presence was a provocation for uprisings and rebellions among the native peoples, several of which led to full-scale war. Ancient Greece is famous for its arts and learning but its ruler Alexander the Great, in a concentrated time period, conquered most of the known world via almost constant war, primarily against the Persian Empire. France in the early 1800s provoked a whole series of wars named after their militaristic general and emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. Over just a decade, Napoleonic France fought almost every other European power in an aggressive bid to control most of western and central Europe. France had also been involved in all the wars comprising the Hundred Years' War, a 116 year middle ages conflict with England, though the English, with their constant claims to the French throne, could perhaps be seen as the principal provocateurs here. Germany as a country may not have provoked the most war in history - it was only a unified nation relatively recently, though its former independent state Prussia was pretty warlike in the 18th and19th centuries. But the blame for the two single biggest and most devastating wars in history has been laid at Germany's door and undoubtedly it, under Hitler, did provoke World War 2. World War 1 was more complex in its origin but the winners, at the Treaty of Versailles, made Germany accept most of the responsibility for provoking that conflict.

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