How Many People Have Died In 2010?


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You can never know for sure, given that there are simply so many people in the world, but on September 14th, 2010 it was recorded that around 41,317,000 people had died at that point in 2010. This is forty one million, three hundred and seventeen thousand people. Naturally the figure was different for that, but at least it gives you an idea of how many people die in given periods of time.

There are many lists on the Internet, too, of famous people that have passed away during 2010. According to the ‘Death List’, Blake Edwards died at the age of 88. The famous movie director passed on during the year. He was most famous for his involvement with the Pink Panther movies, but should also be recognised for his work in the movie ‘The Party’ with Peter Sellers (Who was involved with "Howdy Partner” and "Birdy Num Num”). Edwards was married to famous Julie Andrews.

Sir Norman Wisdom was perhaps one of the most well-known deaths of the year, however. The incredibly popular and loved slapstick comedy actor from Great Britain passed away at the age of 95 during the year. Norman Wisdom starred in many black and white films during the 1950s and early 1960s, and was often playing the underdog and madcap character ‘Norman Pitkin’. Norman Pitkin has the famous catchphrase of ‘Mr Grimsdale!’ which was of course more recognised by the people of Great Britain.

Wisdom then went onto become, perhaps unlikely, a folk hero in the communist Albania area. The struggles of his Pitkin character were actually taken in the areas to be a political statement, despite the comedic intentions.

For information about people that passed away during the year 2010, simply get online to, and you’ll have a list from a number of different years.
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I'm uncertain, but I'm sure that the recent earthquake in Haiti has had a considerable impact on the actual figure. I mean so far the death toll is around 50,000?

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