What Are The Differences In The Republican And Democrat Stances On Issues ?


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The main thing which distinguishes a democrat from a republican is that Republicans are the followers of a conservative philosophy while the democrats have liberal views.

National Security:
The Republicans believe in spending funds more on National security and defense and military budgets. In this regard the democrats are same as the Republicans because they also give a lot of importance to military.

The democrats give importance to environment and issues like global warming and they collect and give out funds in the name of environment and they control the masses through it. The Republicans, however, have now realized the importance of all this and are working on the funds and other things.

Health care:
The Democrats believe in making the living and leisure conditions best for the people and they spend a lot of money on health. The Republicans prefer to stay to the bare necessities and don’t spend any funds on other things unless it can't be avoided.

Democrats believe in distributing wealth equally and that everyone deserves to live in good economic conditions. The Republicans think that people get whatever they deserve and nothing can be done about it.

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