How Did Lincoln And The Radical Republicans Differ In Their Views On The Legal Status Of The "Seceded" States?


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After the war Lincoln proclaimed the government must be republican in form and give recognition to the permanent freedom of the slaves, this did not give them a vote. Lincoln issued a policy of Reconstruction and used his presidential pardoning powers to allow all Southerners with the exception of some high officials, to reinstate themselves by swearing an oath of loyality to the Union. Lincoln announced his "ten percent plan," which would allow rebel states to send representatives to Congress.

Many Republicans refused to seat the representatives. These Republicans were Abolitionists angry with Lincoln for not moving against slavery, at the beginning of the war. The Radical Republicans passed the Wade-Davis bill requiring an oath of allegience from seceded states before reconstrucation could begin. Lincoln exercised a pocket veto. When Lee surrendered at Appomatox, Lincoln was moving toward agreement with the Radical Republicans for a Reconstruction of the Union.

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