Are the Democrats trying to re-focus the deficit and debt problems onto the unemployment problem, instead?


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Yes it looks like the Dems have made a strategic shift to show their concerns about unemployment, the long-term threat it poses to the economy, their constituents and of course,their own political fortunes.It looks like job creation will have an equal footing with deficit reductions.The stimuli programs, borrowing money and spending it basically on government quorums have failed epically.The focus on unemployment is mere sleight of hand.While the vicious circle continues unabated - those on welfare voting into power the very people who caused the crisis in the first place.
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Joseph Michael Wasik
The politicians creat the problems, and then during their re-election campaigns, they campaign against these very same problems. Then people wonder why they poor people, with all their entitlements are remaining poor, but then re-elect the same doofuses.
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All of DC has long thought the American people were/are stupid andd as long as DC keeps on confusing them, the people will never understand so DC could do whatever it wanted and Dc always plays the blame card whenever the truth is about to come out. The people are finally wising up and are having enough with Dc officials and many are preparing to act now when shove comes to push and push these official overboard with the tea bags of past
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Joseph Michael Wasik
There are certain types of people who aren't wising up, contrary to what you are saying, who continually support and re=elect those who create the problems. With some of them, it may be because they are recipients of the government benevolence.

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