Do You Think People Are Voting By Race And Not Facts In This Year's Election? And Why?


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I don't think race is a determining factor. I know a lot of white people that are planning to vote for Obama. I won't be voting for him, but it has nothing to do with the color of his skin. I am republican and will vote republican. I think just because Palin speaks to us in terms we can understand doesn't mean she can't be valuable at helping to run this country. McCain is capable of doing a great job. He has more experience than Obama regardless of his color. You hear people say, McCain is too old. Now I hear some of you say Palin is too young. So what determines the age is just right. That is just another type of prejudice.
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Yes, I agree with what you are saying..a lot of people are going to vote there race, on both sides regardless of the facts.....I do not agree how ever with that even though its true..this election is way to important for our future for people of all races to not check the facts....
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I think that this racist action by these older white dems are setting a bad example for the white youths of america and they may just be setting themselves up for retaliation... Racism should not be tolerated I don't care how old, white, rich, or powerful you think you are...
I'm all for Obama just because this country deserves a change! Maybe people will start to understand that racism will not be tolerated if we get a black man in office.
~I'm White by the way!~

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I am a Republican and will vote for Obama. I believe that many people only see him as black and not for the fine candidate that he is, and will not vote for him. Unfortunately, our society still has a long way to go as far as accepting races other than their own. I am afraid that Obama will lose the election because he is black. If a 63 year old person goes for a job interview today, most likely they will not be hired because of their age unless it is a very mediocre job. But we have a candidate running for the biggest job in America and he is 72. I am 65, in great health, but could never stand up to what the presidency would require as far as energy. That scares me!
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No I don't believe this. I think it's because he is so STUPID.
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And Sen. McCain aint he cant even use the internet, so lets not turn this into who's smarter then a fifth grader lets stay on the topic
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I believe that to an extent. But I think it is the other way around. I think black people that have never voted in their life will vote this year and for Obama even tho he is very inexperienced. Lets not forget, he is not just black. He is also white and middle eastern.
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I just had a look at your page and read some of your questions. Its just a question but are you a bit of a racist. The question you asked about Sen Obama being the antichrist and or a terroist makes me wonder about you maybe I'm wrong and if so i take it back and who is middle eastern in his family ? I always thought his mother was white and his father was african.
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I am not racist by any means. I just really do not trust him at all. I have the right to my own opinion and will express it freely. I think it is a shame that these people will vote because they have no idea what they are doing.
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Where do you get the middle eastern from? Did you make that up, because it cannot be further from the truth. Did you like Bush because he was a redneck?
Don't be fooled again by all the misleading fools out there. Sounds like you are listening to too many cowboys that get their news from each other, or Fox news - same thing.

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