Who Was The Secretary Of Labor During Bill Clinton's Second Term In Office?


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The Secretary of Labour during the President's second term in office was Alexis Margaret Herman. Daughter of Alex Herman, a politician, Alexis Margaret Herman held the office of Secretary of Labuor from the year 1997 to 2001. She was the first African American Woman to have held this post. Her mother was a school teacher.

Alexis Herman was born on the 16th of July 1947 in the city of Mobile in Alabama. In the year 1965 she got her school diploma from the Heart of Mary High School. She later attended Edgewood College in Wisconsin but got her Bachelor of Arts in the field of Sociology in the year 1969. After the Bush administration came to power she was replaced by Elaine Chao. She is currently serving on the board of several notable companies including Toyota, Metro Goldwyn Mayer, Coca Cola, Cummins and Prudential.

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