Who Is Bill Clinton's Brother?


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Roger jr. Clinton
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Bill Clinton has a half brother: Roger C Clinton Jr. He was the son of Bill Clinton's second step father Roger Clinton Sr. who is mother Virginia Cassidy Blythe married in 1950. Roger Clinton Jr. was born on the 25th of June 1956 and had to face abuse from his alcoholic father in his childhood. He has also had frequent brush-ins with the law.

He was a musician and even went ahead and formed his own rock band. He is also an actor of sorts and has appeared in a number of series including Sabrina, the teenage witch; The Nanny; and Cybil.

He has also acted in Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings in the character of Mayor Bubba. Roger Clinton Jr. was in the year 1984 arrested for the possession of cocaine. Subsequently he had to serve a year in prison. His brother who was the Governor of the state granted him a pardon in 2001.

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