Who Was Bill Clinton's Father?


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Winthop Rockefeller... Winthrop was Governor of Arkansas - the state that produced Bill Clinton. The records of Bill Clinton's father have been lost completely -- just like Hitler -- but he fits the mold of a Rockefeller completely especially in regards to his sexual perversion in the White House. How could Clinton come from a small poor State like Arkansas and reach the highest position in the land without the help of the Rockefellers?
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Gov. Win Rockefeller said that he came to Arkansas because of his best friend in the military Frank Newell. Frank Newell just happen to be the cousin of Virginia, the mother of Bill. Bill took on the Clinton name when he was 15 years old. The Attorney General of Arkansas when Bill was governor was Frank Newell Jr., Bill's cousin. According to masonic prophecy, their messiah will be born on the 33rd Degree Parallel. (Hope Arkansas).  Before his death in 1973, Gov. Win Rockefeller made arrangement for his son to be both Governor and President.  Bill Clinton is the older brother of Winthrop Rockefeller Jr.
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Bill Clinton's father was William Jefferson Blythe Jr. He was born on the 27th of February 1918 and died of an automobile accident on the 17th of May 1946. Besides Bill Clinton he had two other children: a daughter Sharon Le Blythe and a son Henry Leon Ritzenthaler.

His parents were William Jefferson Blythe II and Lou Birchie Ayers. His father was a poor farmer who lived in Sherman, Texas. His siblings and he were nine children in all.

He was married a number of times starting from the age of seventeen. The Presidents wife was actually his fourth wife; a fact she learned fifty years after his death.

During the Second World War he had been sent to Egypt and then to Italy as part of his military service. His fourth and last wife and the mother of the President is buried next to him at Rose Hill Cemetery.
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William Jefferson Blythe, Jr.

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