When Was Bill Clinton's Mother Born And Can You Tell Me A Bit About Her?


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Bill Clinton's mother was Virginia Cassidy Kelley. She was born on the 6th of June 1923 and died at the age of seventy on the 6th of January 1994 of complications related to Breast Cancer. She was married four times in her life. The first time she was married to Bill Clinton's father who died when Bill Clinton was three months due in a car accident. His name was William Jefferson Blythe Jr. Their marriage had taken place in the year 1943.

In the year 1950 she married the father of Bill Clinton's step brother, her second husband; his name was Roger Clinton Sr. He later died of cancer in 1967. She married her third husband, Jeff Dwire, in 1969; he died in 1974 of diabetes. Finally in 1982 she got married to her last husband Richard Kelley. It is not certain weather or not any or all of her husbands had been insured.

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