Who Was The Attorney General During President Bill Clinton's Presidency?


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Janet Reno was the Attorney General during the presidency of Bill Clinton. She is said to be the first female Attorney General of U.S, who replaced William Barr as the 58th Attorney General of US on Mar 11,1993 and remained there till Jan 20,2001.Born on July 21,1938 in Miami Florida, Janet Reno was one of the Danish American in the Cabinet. She became the second longest serving Attorney General after William Writ, who had served in 1829.  She received her early education in Miami Dade County, Florida and received her law degree from Harvard University. She was named one of the staff directors of judiciary Committee of Florida House of Representatives.    In 1978, she was appointed as State Attorney for Dade County. Her achievements include establishment of Miami Drug Court. She also led as a prosecutor in a police brutality case in 1979, which resulted in race riots throughout the US. During her term, she brought suit against the Software Company for the violation of Sherman Anti Trust Act. She also supervised the cases regarding capture and conviction of Mir Amil Kasi for the CIA Head Quarter, and Timothy McVeigh and terry Nicols fore Oklahoma City bombing. Janet Reno also participated in running of election campaign for Governor of Florida but lost. She now has retired from professional life but seldom appears in social seminars.

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