What Do Thousands Of Stormtroopers Do All Day On The Death Star?


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They Go To Bars To Pick Up  Jedi's ..Or To Have  Anger Management  Sessions.. They Do Have Lots Of Time To Do  Stuff.. Maybe They Get Their Uniforms Cleaned Up..Do They Practice The Right Way To Bow To Evil  Dark Nefarious Men Who Wear Black Clothing?
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G'day Jim,.

Thank you for your question.

Storm trooper training. I also understand that the bars, coffee shops, gyms and other recreational facilities all do a roaring trade,

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The get up very early in the morning. After the necessaries, they spend the first two hours polishing their armor. Then they have a 20 minute breakfast, after which they spend the next two hours putting on their armor. After that, they run for an hour, then it's lunch time, so they take off their armor and eat. Then they spend the afternoon putting on their armor so they can run for an hour and repeat for the dinner hour.

After dinner, they get one hour personal time, then marching exercise until evening shower and bed.
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Sounds like borstal.. :-)..... [without the potting shed]
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From what I have read about a Borstal, they are much more brutal than the Storm Troopers training camp.

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