What do you think about the issue of "tolerance" raised here? Six-time MLB all-star Lance Berkman is worried about the idea of tolerance in general, which he said would lead to the demise of the United States.


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I have no idea what Berkman was talking about but, in general terms, tolerance is a good idea. An over-indulgence of tolerance can countenance all manner of unacceptable behaviour, and that might well prove to be a disaster. There has to be balance.

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I tried to get more "in situ" information into the question, but got stopped on the character limit.

It was on "bing" today.
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There's an easy work-around. Put up your question in as few words as possible. Submit it. Then edit it, and you can add as much information as you need.
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I remember seeing your "work-around" in a previous answer. It seemed to be so simple to remember that I didn't copy it for reference.

This time I did.

I know the difference between short and long term memory---I should have known better.


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