Are you someone from out of the United States? If so, what do you honestly think about Americans?


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Jacinthe Milton answered
I have friends in the US, and they're nice and kind.
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Lianna Lins answered
Aye I'm Irish and I think the majority of Americans are great. I have quite a few friends there and they're all pretty awesome, though they can be obnoxious sometimes haha. Of course you can't really generalise people by race though. Overall I think Americans are cool =)
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Ray Dart answered

Interesting old question, look at the responders - Janey - the ultimate troll (as it turned out).

Lynne Dwyer, one of the original unpaid mods (and a really nice lady).

Gene Wright, one of the earliest bible thumpers.

Selie Visa, a committed Christian too, had difficulty answering a question without involving God.

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Janey answered
I live in the UK and tbh i love 'em.We've got cousins living in Florida and i always have a fantastic time everytime i visit there.Sun, sea, sand, great food and the beach culture and shopping - excellent !
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Eunice Kwarteng answered
I think the personality of Americans are really debatable, not in a bad way, it's just something you can't explain because it's very variable..i'm from the United States btw
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Sofia Gladun answered
I am Ukrainian and most of the Americans I know... I don't know how to say this nicely..... Um.... NO MANNERS!
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robert williams answered

    If it wasn't for your country, and the people who inhabit it, Russia and China would smother the world, and dominate it under their heel.

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