What do you think about the Pope condemning the United States' role in the arms trade when addressing Congress?


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The Pope is obviously not a fan of warfare. Anything that supports gun-related violence probably doesn't sit well with the Pope. "Thou shalt not kill" and all that. I kind of dig the guy. I'm no pacifist mind you. But we do need to slow our role in the arms trade.

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I'm in full agreement with him on this.  Hard to claim the moral high ground when you are up to your knees in blood for the sake of a dollar.  . 

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He's just jealous.

Hey, we let the Vatican have the "Swiss Guards" ... A mercenary group so feared, that it was outlawed from being used in any European nation other than the Vatican.

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The Pope needs to worry about the Catholic church and not politics.  Separation of church and state.

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But he has the right to speak his beliefs just like anyone else, we'll work about church and state if he tries to run for president.
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Talk not work- don't even know how we started and separation of church and state. I stayed up to late last night.
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That happened not we started. I stayed up way too late.

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