Do you think Donald Trump is going to drop out of the race? He has to realize that being President is a lot more than telling people to build a wall not to mention losing all that free time.


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K. B.  Baldwin Profile
K. B. Baldwin answered

I am amazed that he has stayed in this long.  I suspect that, had he been polling in the single digits, he would have bailed.  As it is, the whole thing plays into his ego and I can't see him quitting now.  Unless he suddenly decides the GOP is being mean to him.  I am sure a lot of the "leaders" of the GOP would dearly love to see him drop out.   

Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

I still am not sure he could get elected but I like him in the race. What concerns me is that the conservative establishment just doesn't get it !!! They really need to get what's happening or we will have a President Clinton soon. 

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