You don't think Donald Trump has a chance of getting the presidency do you? Surely America isn't that insane!


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I think it's already been clearly demonstrated that America is exactly that crazy. 

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Adam  Fletcher
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The only way America would be crazy is if they voted another worthless liberal Democrat into office. Trump is what we need its a proven fact he knows how to make money and produce jobs for us born rite wise Americans instead of illegals and immigrants he's not a Muslim coward anti American like Obama is plus Obama has failed misserably in every statistic screw the Clinton's biden palosi Kerry and dam sure fn Obama's Muslim ass and every left wing in america
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You don't understand what being a real estate mogul actually is about do you?
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After Reagan and Dubya, you can still ask if America could elect him? Maybe I'm a pessimist but yeah, I think they could.

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Like Walt said, there's always a chance.....but I doubt have to admit, at least he keeps things interesting....or comical, not really sure which.

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ZombieE Lee
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I think he's a living parody of Presidential candidates!
Lard Ass
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Yes! I just sit back and laugh actually...I really don't care much for anybody running....just seems like more of the a bunch of crap and do nothing, at least Trump brings a little levity to the whole circus!
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Can you imagine him as president.. Telling other companies... Sorry Countries what to do, so that he can become more wealthy.. With the US armed forces to back him up.  I think with Trump, war is in the future.

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What's funny to me is that I'm sure Trump would think every one of his supporters was a loser, if he met them.  This man has had everything given to him.  He has no idea what it means to struggle or live like an ordinary person.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Too bad we couldn't elect this guy ! As long as he keeps his temper, he might make a good President. Looking at the candidates now isn't too impressive. Then his V.P.

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Personally, I don't think he even wants the Presidency. A guy like Trump doesn't get to where he is without being a shrewd businessman.

I think he'll eventually drop out and back a more "serious" Republican candidate, in return for some political/tax favors down the line.

Or maybe I've been watching too much House of Cards?

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If it was up to the people of America, the answer is YES, HE WILL WIN.

But we always forget that WE DONT HAVE A CHOICE, it's whoever has an ELECTORAL VOTE.  Therefore our opinion matters not :/

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Cookie Roma
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You do understand how that works right?
David Skywalker
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So naive. Open your eyes, this country for as sad as it sounds isn't what it was. Its more corrupted then Third World Countries.

I live this life, even at a local level I have to deal with Corrupt Politicians that take in "Charity Money" and "Donations" from "Contributors". Chea right. Do you really know how it works?

My rant is. Donald Trump would win because the great majority simply doesn't care. The Electoral Vote holders are bought. Just do some research, there are plenty of documentaries.
David Skywalker
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Thanks for the Advice, seems like you have some experience.
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We need something in this country. We are outsourcing everything and our jobs are going elsewhere. Maybe Trump can turn things around. So far, all we had in office the last twenty years are idiots.

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Well, there's always a *CHANCE* ... How probable is a different question.

I wouldn't say "insane" so much as "apathetic" or "lazy" ... Which is why most people either accept the "2 party system" or don't vote.

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My thoughts echo Didgeri Doos, you had Reagan for president, and have Arnold Schwarzenegger as Governor Of California. William Spear-Shaker was right "All the worlds a stage and all the men and women merely players."

We haven't faired any better with our lot, watching the House Of Lords is like watching The Muppet Show except less entertaining.

Still, if you could chose anyone for president (not merely out of the puppets they give you), who would it be?

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