Do you think Donald Trump is a racist?


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I think there is a credible argument to be made that he is.

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He's teaching our children horrible things. If he's not a racist- which would be a miracle then he needs a mouth filter

Got duct tape ?

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I suspect that he is no more and no less racist than a lot of other intellectually-challenged people. He's also a misogynist, seems to think that it's OK to grope women without consent. He's ridiculed the disabled. He's a stranger to the truth. I could go on, but as a non-American, I probably shouldn't. The one saving grace is that the American people and establishment, the systems,  culture and custom will rise above the idiocy. (Although Trump is the most challenging subject to date.)

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You held back on your
Ray  Dart
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I lived in the US for a while. I love the country, the people - even the "American Dream". You deserve better than Donald Trump. If you were not constrained by fifth-rate politicians, who knows what you could achieve? Much of that rant applies to my own country.
Tom  Jackson
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You are far enough away from the US to have perspective and see clearly what is happening.

Feel free to "go on" at will.
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I think Donald Trump is dangerous man . He held the country hostage with the Government shutdown . I saw few things with ads with him eating chicken at Kentucky Fried Chicken . But there deep southern blacks who do support Donald Trump .I've had a Black Taxi cab driver was against Obama cause he couldn't get Obama healthcare.  So you see what i mean this is touch and go situation. Donald Trumps got money that talks . I hate to see him go against Bernie Sanders t's going be horrible election night.

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American in general racists it is an inborn trait.

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Don Barzini
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Hatred is taught. No child is born hating another.
Willie B. good
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Oh brother.....Another billion answer by Carlos Striker.
Darren Wolfgang
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We want to leave 50+ years behind us and this is 2019 . What happened in the 50's-60's should be long gone. I'm sure there is racism in other Countries besides America. It's sad to think that some people got to be judgmental .How can one say American in general have racism that is a inborn trait ?

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