What Are Men Common Interest?


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5 things from my perspective
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Let's break this down. Girls-Well, personality, NO, but looks, yeah. We think of girls as tools. Food-Yes, we love to eat, the reason why we are fatter then girls. Sports-I like Baseball, but really, not a whole lot of sports. Cars-I hate cars, but a lot of men like them. Money-Yes, but not as much as GIRLS. GIRLS are the most greedy things alive, gold diggers.
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Well most guys love hiphop, sports, cars, bling bling and stuff like that. But sometimes it all depends on how the huy looks. Try looking at a guy and try to guess what he likes. Like if he wears blings then he loves hiphop. If he often loves jerseys then he loves sport. And if he wears glasses and a polo shirt then he loves everything classic or le loves to read and he's a sensitive king of guy. Remember that the physical features shows almost everything you need to know about a person...
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I think common interest is WOMEN.
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