Do you think Donald Trump will be elected for a second term?


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Toni Pauze answered

You never know. I didn’t think he would get nominated the first time. But when he did, well let’s just say there was no choice then.

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Skip Gentry answered

No, I don’t.

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He claims he will. Scary stuff.

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PJ Stein answered

I doubt it, but the Democrats are going to have to come up with a more moderate candidate to have a solid chance. If it is someone with more socialist leanings it will be touch and go.

There are more registered voters that don't belong to either party than those registered Democrat or registered Republican. Most are disillusioned by the two party system, and the two parties just keep creating a bigger gap. Many of the people I know who are registered for one party or the other are only still in a party because in most states they are the ones choosing their party's candidate through the primaries. (A few states let people to vote in primaries for other parties.) I firmly  believe that if there were a strong moderate party or candidate, they would win over the Democrats and Republicans.

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Darren Wolfgang
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It's going be hard for Bernie Sanders to beat Donald Trump . I'm by ways no fan of Mr Trump but i think we need a stronger Democrat to run to beat Donald Trump.
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Hopefully, he's america's last hope. We'll never have a president like him ever again.

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Darren Wolfgang
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Can Bernie Sanders defeat Donald Trump ? People say oh Bernie Sanders won't win well Hillary Clinton made it to the Democratic nomination . So far he is ahead , unless Joe Biden steps in than Biden will be ahead of Sanders. You know people see Sanders as a Socialist he is Independent turned to Democrat well will have to wait and see what goes on here ?
Call me Z
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Prepare for disappointment.
Firstname Refreshme lastname
Thank goodness there will never be a president like him again. He is high maintenance and his errors and insults has cost the American people more than what was gained by having him in charge.
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Joyce Hall answered

Oh I hope not! 4 years of him is 4 years too many!

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The thing is can Bernie Sanders beat Donald Trump ? Will the former Hillary Clinton supporters vote for Donald Trump since they didn't want Bernie Sanders in 2016 , so their going to think well hey I'm not supporting Sanders cause we still didn't want Sanders in 2016 , we don't want him now ?  Well Joe Biden , announce his run for office cause actually more people want him over Sanders ? Sorry i don't want Trump and i can't support Sanders . I will support Biden. I think it's time that the younger generation runs for office.

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Whose painting bleak picture of Donald? He is not a cartoon character.

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