What will life be like after 2011 if the Liberals have their way?


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It will be like the 80's when layers went rampant with suing people. Do you remember? Also, children's organized soccer doesn't even keep a score any more. They don't want kids to feel bad for losing - shameful.
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This superb article that i read today from a favourite website of mine can answer this question more tellingly than i could ever attempt to do so:

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Joseph Michael Wasik
Good story. Thinking of all the possibilities. Sent that story of yours all over the country
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Cool story. Honestly when are the American people going to understand that we are all being duped. The US economy is a hypathetical theory that is only used to enslave us all. Dems or Reps, it doesn't matter. Putting a target on Obama's head doesn't help you or me.
The Republican leader's #1 job is to get rid of Obama even though we voted him in. Does that sound like a solution to a huge problem? Not to me. How is the government going to get anything done? We should all be asking questions.

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