Why do Liberals Detest Black Conservatives? Not part of the plantation mentality?


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Janey answered
Because these "right-on" Liberal Dims think that Conservatives are inherently racist, bigoted and chauvinistic.For them anyone of colour or victim class who sides with the right-wing is a traitor to their identity.It's their absurdity of liberal politics where they have to fit into little boxes.If you're black or Hispanic you're supposed to be a liberal.If you're black you can't believe in free markets.If you're a woman you can't be anti-abortion.The Lib Dims live in their own little bubble, outsiders are automatically derided by them.
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Duane Bryant answered
I don't detest black conservatives.  I don't detest white conservatives.  It's just the right-wing-nut fascists in denial of any color I laugh at.
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PJ Stein answered

Liberals don't like conservatives. Period. However black conservatives kind of blow "the old white guys are holding the black man down" rhetoric out of the water.

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