Why are people so caught up in being Liberal or Conservative?


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I assume because life is connected to these outlooks & the future of earth or countries would depend on it. There would be always two kind of people, Liberal or conservative.  Some times it's crucial that how many % of people in a community  take one of these sides. For instance, a country like India, only few big cities progressed & accepted technology & being connected to outside world & new things, but most of the country is going by tradition for example in so many villages when they get poisons by snakes which is common, they don't accept medicals & medicines, they do attempt for healing on their own with their tradition ways. 

So the discussion & kind of battle of liberal & conservative in bigger views will exist cause any changes would decide the future lifestyle in so many aspects for both sides. That might be the reason people get into it a lot.

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Walt O'Reagun
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I disagree that there are "two kind of people". There is an entire spectrum of political belief. It is only that the 2 major parties in America use those terms to refer to each other ... even when the terms don't fit.

EG: a Republican will call a Democrat "Liberal", even if that Democrat agrees with the Republican the majority of the time.
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Let me add i agree with you well i didn't mean to say there's only & only "two kind of people" . . in that part i was making a quote of "Two thing" i don't know if you heard of it or not, the saying is like , there's always two kind of people, positive or negative, bad or good, ect . .i said it to quote it by the topic of the discussion so i'm totally agree with you. also i said it into world's view not U.S.A only. i wasn't talking about Democrat or republican policy, but the technology-new & tradition-old, that was my point about all i said.
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In my humble opinion, there are two distinct types of people. Those who worry only about themselves, and those who worry about the future of the country.

The liberals are closer to socialism, thus many older folks fall into the first category. They have limited income and welcome the Government giving them things (like low cost housing etc) that are paid for by the taxpayers. Many young people feel this way too. They are burdened by debt from college loans etc and new family debts.

The mid aged and more educated people look to the future and worry about national debt, taxes, and taxes on companies.  They want a conservative government which will allow the people and the country to prosper.  As that will allow them to gain income and set them up for retirement.

Both are correct.

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ZombieE Lee
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Canadian Conservatives sound a lot like American liberals!
Maurice Korvo
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Well we are not 2 party, and this election I am predicting that the NDP party (Totally Socialistic) will win because the Liberals and Conservatives are spending all their money putting each other down, and forgetting the NDP are there.
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I live here in Tx Republican country. The Republicans want their cake and eat it too. You see republicans will hire all these illegal immigrants from mexico and south america for cheap labor to build houses do lawn work build highways but then get on TV saying we have a border control problem

The problem is Republicans want cheap labor and their own kids to suck up the ac and get fat sitting in the house the illegals built. No one wants to do manual labor anymore they think all jobs are with a computer

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Those in power benefit from this juicy divide between Liberal and Conservative. Both have their benefits, and both have their disadvantages. They want us to focus fervently on a handful of issues that force us to identify one way or the other.

Don't let them do it.

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