What Are The Different Kinds Of Problems In The Philippines?


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Every country in the world has its problems. Just like every single one of us, nobody and no country is perfect. There are hundreds of problems that affect the Philippines, here are just a few examples:

  • High crime rates due to drugs, burglary, violence and theft.
  • Poor distribution of wealth means a lot of the population is still living in severe poverty.
  • High unemployment and a shortage of skilled workers.
  • Poor education system.
  • Poor infrastructure means the country suffers from bad flooding etc. At various times during the year.
  • Due to poverty, a lot of people cannot access adequate healthcare systems. The price of drugs and other medicines are also very high meaning a lot of people cannot afford them.
  • Value of the peso has fallen meaning it is very difficult to do trading deals with countries such as the USA.
  • A lot of children have to start working at a very young age to help support their families.
  • Due to familial breakdown and poverty, there are huge numbers of street children who spend their days begging for food and money.
  • There is a lack of judges in the country meaning the judicial and legal system suffers.
  • Armed rebels and uprisings.
  • There are a large number of unlicensed guns and other arms in the country.
  • Corruption amongst business and government leaders.

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