What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Population Growth In The Economy Of The Philippines?


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There are many different advantages and disadvantages. For instance, if there were more people in the economy then there would of course be more choice for employers when they're looking for an employee. This allows employers to employ only those that they believe are up to the job. However, the problem that comes with this is overpopulation and unemployment. Overpopulation is a common problem for countries that openly welcome immigration. The United Kingdom is one such place that embraces mass immigration and is now suffering the problem of unemployment.

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Advantage of over population,if you need a hire to help you a any kind of job you can hire the other people who's those no job...
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I think not justifiable.....
People find job because they don't have job, they need it.
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The advantage is:
You can get a lot of people to work for you

The disadvantage:
More taxes and the salary will be less.

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