What Is The History Of Baking In The Philippines?


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There appears to be two common theories to how baking was first introduced to the Philippines.

The two possible founders of baking in the Philippines are said to be:

Spanish Missionaries

Many believe that in the early 17th century, the Spanish missionaries when occupying the Philippines, they introduced the country to baking. Wheat was used often by the missionaries and this is when in turn introduced into the diet of many of The Filipinos. It is said that they often used it in baking which was later copied by the locals. The Spanish missionaries were also thought to have brought many other new foods to the country such as peppers, corn and potatoes.

Mr.Aquaver Natividad Uy

Others are adamant that it was in fact a man named Mr.Aquaver Natividad Uy who really founded baking in the Philippines. He came over from China and as he was a baker he believed that introducing bakery to the Philippines would be very beneficial and so set about showing the locals the whole baking process and the materials and ingredients needed.

It may well be the case that both made their mark in how baking developed in the Philippines. As with many introductions it took an outsider to show the way and the importance of baking, which has since been vital in every Filipino's life.

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