How Did Sociology Started In The Philippines?


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Sociology is the study of societies and the people who inhabit them; this sort of study looks at the culture and development of a country throughout the various eras of history. Sociology in the Philippines likely started with the advent of post-secondary education; colleges and universities in the Philippines would have offered study on the society and its people. Over time, students of sociology would become sociologists, and they would publish works that delved further into the history of the Philippines.

• History books are really the first sociological textbooks - they record historical facts about the Philippines during different centuries, and also offer the observations and conclusions of authors, who weigh in on sociology topics, such as religious beliefs of the people, women's rights, human rights, and indigenous culture.
• In order to understand exactly how sociology started in the Philippines, you'll need to go back to the earliest recorded histories for that country. Over time, the information found in these valuable textbooks would be used to make sociological observations about the culture and people of the region.

Consider visiting a local university or community college that features a modern-day sociology class or degree program. Speak to teachers or professors who can give you helpful information about some of the Philippines' most esteemed and respected sociologists. This sort of study could be a great topic for a school report; it will also help you learn more about this fascinating country and its culture.

Your local library may not have exactly what you need; if they don't, consider visiting a website such as Google Books; this website offers tons of free samples of amazing history books and books on sociology. You may be able to find some background on this topic while you surf the Internet.

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