How Will You Describe Discipline In Public Life?


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Discipline in public life ensures peace and harmony, which in turn offers momentum to the forces of progress and affluence. No country, big or small, can afford to play duck and drakes with the divinity called discipline. All talk of fairness or social justice becomes a cry in the wilderness or a pretentious assure if the 'powers that be' fail to understand and carry out the dictates of discipline at all costs and in all situations. With discipline as a way of life, all plans, policies, and programs are bound to bear fruit.

Whenever people in public life or in private venture adulterate the demands of discipline, most aspirations and achievements go lost, leading to failure and aggravation at various levels. Discipline for countries like India, which are standing at the threshold of economic breakthrough, and an astonishing store of opportunities, is the most instantaneous and urgent prerequisite. Discipline for the rulers and the ruled is an essential component if we mean business in fields and factories.

The unhappy way the routine calls of duty and discipline by paid public servants were given a go bye is a matter of crying shame for everyone. The heaps of trash in towns, cities and meters were allowed to rot and their removal left to rag-pickers, speaks volumes of the callous attitude towards discipline and devotion to duty.

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