What Are Your Thoughts Pertaining To Jay Dobsyn, Who Infiltrated The Hell's Angels On Behalf Of The Government Agency, ATF, & The ATF Backed Out Of Promises To Protect Him & His Family Once His Duty Was Complete?


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Your not going to like this answer. After a short time with the H. A. He would have understood the seriousness of this organization, and could have gone to his superiors and backed out. He chose to continue, to disregard the effects it could have on his family. Understand this, the ATF should not have recruited a family man for that assignment, and he should never have accepted. He put his wife thru pure h*ll during the operation, she had some inkling of the ways of H. A.. How do you think she felt every-night knowing he was doing "things" he shouldn't have. ATF is a government organization, and we all know how well how government is run.
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Rebecca Quick
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Like I said, "he should have known"; feeling bad for the man and his family is a form of empathy for the simple fact we have no idea what the agency told him; we only know what is reported as being done or not being done. Empathy for another human being is simple, everyone should try it once in a while; when we feel empathy for others we begin to understand and feel for them. I am starting to think empathy is a rare commodity these days. Before judging someone try walking in their shoes.
Lynne Dwyer
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I have walked in those shoes. On the other end. Empathy is there for any person making a difference in the world. But forcing your family, to walk in your shoes also, never. Especially children who have no idea what's going on.
Sure am missing the ole debates.....lol!!!
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Alcohol Tobacco & Firearms is one of the largest government agencies that exists, I am not surprised
that he was forgotten once he had done his part !! They are so covert, they would give up their mama
and never look back ! It is as bad as when J. Edgar Hoover was in charge of the FBI, my opinion the
meanest man that has ever held an office !!!
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The government has a long history of failing to protect those who serve it in good faith. Broken promises are not restricted to treaties with Native Americans. I think only a series of successful lawsuits can bring about the sort of change that has been needed for more than 200 years.
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And that is why you don't trust the Government !
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I think that they are in some pretty great danger, and the government should be doing all that they can to make sure that they are safe. It seems to me, that they think he is expendable!! As well as the family. Kind of makes you wonder if this country is worth serving anymore at times. Un American of the government isn't it!!!!
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I feel bad for the guy; depending on how long he worked for them he should have known that they would not protect him and his family in the end. Hopefully he and his family will stay safe; the government agency needs to be the ones the Hells Angels should go after not just a single man. If they went after the agency itself then maybe they would think twice before sending someone in to infiltrate the Hells Angels.
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I'm government employed but even a few $ flashed in my face can't make me go that far for them they have the manpower do it yourself, I save the country and save lives, but I will not save the country from the country, not and have my family involved because the Government is habitual for promises they don't keep...that is my story and they use their title to convince you to do their job no one of them could have easily joined on and infiltrated the outfit...but that is what happens when you see $ family etc comes second if at all,

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