Can You Describe The Population Distribution In The World?


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1. High population density areas:
Areas with a population more than 125 persons per square mile are termed as high populated density areas. There are following areas where population density is very high.
Plain: Indus plain, Ganges plain, Jammanas plain, Barham putre plain, Nile plain some plain population in above 125 person per mile.

I. Eastern coast of northern America
ii. Western Europe (France, UK, Italy, Denmark, Hungry)
iii. South East Asia (China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia)
These all areas are highly density due to these reasons.
Due to large supplies of minerals, coal and iron the manufacturing activity has been possible.Some of advance stage of science and technology.The life entirely is with in temperate zone. The use of machine is in agriculture.Some developed countries with high stander of living.

2. Low populated density areas:
There are some areas where population density is less than 25 and more than two persons per square mile. These areas low populated density areas.
I. Antarctica
ii. Alaska
iii. Northern past of Russia, desert areas (Sahara desert, Gobi desert Nara desert)
iv. Mountain areas (Hemalia, Karakam, Hindukash)
In these areas population is very low because. Rain fall is very low. Agriculture is not practiced. Bad and unfavorable environment condition
3. Moderate population density areas:
Areas with a population between 25 -125 persons per square mile is called moderate populated. These regions include Niger valley and Eastern coast of Africa.
I. Turkey
ii. Central Iran and Pakistan
iii. Eastern Europe Romania
iv. Australia

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