Can You Explain The Factor Affecting Population Distribution?


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social factors
cultural factors
economic factors
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There is some place where population density is very high and some places where population density is very low. There are some reasons of that
Factor of population distribution Climate is a great factor of population distribution. Four things are very important in climate temperature, rainfall, humidity, atmosphere disturbance.

Temperature:Those areas where temperature is very high, the population density is very low. But where temperature is moderate those areas are highly density.
Humidity:Humidity also affects on population distribution. Those areas where humidity is neither very high nor very low population density will be high. In so much dry areas people do not want to live.
Rainfall:Rainfall is also affects on population distribution. Agriculture depends uponrainwater. So there rain fall is less population density will below where rain fall is high population density will be high.

Atmosphere disturbance:
Storms, cyclones, earthquake volcanism are common in some areas. So people fear to live in those areas. Population density remains low there.
Mountain:In mountain areas population is very low because of unavailability of resources. Transport style is not there. For example hemalia, karakarem, indes
Plain:In plains every facility is available. So population density is very high in plain areas
Plateau:In plateau population is moderate.
Desert:In desert areas population density is very low because unavailability of water.
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If u could further elaborate on the factors which influences the population of the world
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This is the amount of people that are spread out over the area

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