Where Does Your Spirit Man Or Soul Go To After Death?


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There are many versus in the bible that relate to this. If can find the time, read Ecclesiastes 12:7 and Matthew 10:16-30. Both spirit/soul can go to hell or heaven. Confessing your sin and accepting Christ as your lord and savior, ensures that your soul/spirit will reside in Heaven for eternity.

Keep searching the Lord and this as well as other questions will be revealed to you.

God's peace to you.
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When one died, the soul goes back to the lord.
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Back to the Lord who created it.  
.... To absent from this body it to be present with the Lord.
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As there is no evidence of a "heaven" or "hell" or any afterlife of any sort, any answer you receive will be subjective and only an opnion. So far as anyone can for a certanty give you, is that when you die you cease to exist as a life. Beyond that it's all speculation.

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