What Are The Social Demands?


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Social demands:
To act or, perform in a certain way, if the person is unable to perform according to the demands of a situation, the pressure emerges. If that pressure is chanalized and the person is able to perform the task then that pressure is normal stress, positive stress or you-stress, or we may say it is something good that out of the pressure or stress the person is able to perform better. There is so much demand on the individual to do few things that if a person is not capable of doing, then the person starts feeling the stress or the pressure.

If this pressure is prolonged it may transform into stress. If a stress is putting some thing positive on you to do something in a given period of time it is called you-stress and you-stress is some thing good because it makes you able to achieve something. And if you achieve some thing you feel good about it. But if the stress is too much you will have negative consequences on your health, on your person as a whole, and on your work performance. The same situation may be stressful for one person but may not be stressful for the other person, depending on the personality type. People handle stress differently. This leads to two types of stress.
Two types of stress
a. Positive stress
b. Negative stress

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