How Do I Become A Politician?


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Anyone can stand as a Member of Parliament, unless they are under 21, insane, bankrupt or serving a prison sentence. Before you decide to become a politician, you need to be aware that a seat on the green benches won't come overnight. It's not enough to have strong political or ideological convictions; you also need campaigning skills, confidence, a thick skin and a lot of stamina. Local knowledge is always a plus.

Potential MPs need to be nominated for election by a proposer and a seconder, both of whom must be registered voters in the relevant constituency. The nomination must also be signed by eight other electors and submitted along with a fee (known as a deposit) of 500 which is returned to candidates who get more than 5% of the votes cast.

The key steps are:
1. To join the party that best represents your personal beliefs and values and get involved in their activities.
2. To take up a position of responsibility within the party or the local community, for example as a local councillor or member of the school board, to develop your skills and experience and demonstrate to yourself and others that you have the necessary abilities and interests for a full time political career.
3. To contact the party headquarters to register your interest in being selected as a candidate and ask for information on the process, deadlines for submitting applications and dates for attending interviews.
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Politics is a tricky business! It is very different depending on the area of interest. National level politics takes a different approach than does a state or province. A city official is different as well. The most important thing is to get involved in a party. Be the volunteer, the intern, the coffee-maker. Do whatever you can to get in the door and meeting people. From there your personal skills and charm will take over. With new contacts and information you will know the right people, and have the right supporters to start a campaign. Then start small. Don't go for President or Prime Minister, doing something locally first. This will give you valuable experience and build your resume as well.

For more information check out for valuable information on necessary skills, campaign tips, and links.
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The most important quality one must have to become a 'good' politician is concern for the welfare of society. It helps to be well informed about the social issues, read up on political ideologies, history, an understanding of law etc.

You could begin by taking interest in social issues concerning your locality and awakening the people about the problems of your neighbourhood.

Another thing you should learn is to equivocate; you must never answer to a question in clear terms, lest the media is after you when you will not be able to fulfill your promises as it is not possible to fulfill all promises.

Another step you should take is to enroll yourself to a political party, the ideology of which suits your style of governance. But even there you must highlight your achievements as there are other members also who are in the fray to grab the attention of the bosses on the upper echelons of the party.

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Practice lying and stealing, and you will be well on your way!

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