What Classes Do I Have To Take To Become A Politician?


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You don't take any actual classes, though you do need a good level of general knowledge. It would also be necessary to study some of the history of politics, and of course you need to know how your national political system works (there is lots of literature, both in books and online, about olitical systems and how they function.) There are no formal qualifications, though the vast majority of senior politicians are university educated (not all, though - Britain's last Prime Minister, John Major, had few formal qualifications and had famously failed the maths test to become a bus conductor!)

One reason a university education is desirable is that a lot of future politicians start by getting involved in student political organisations, debating societies etc. However, another popular route is by getting involved in local government and council affairs - attending council meetings is a good start. If you get in touch with your local council, they'll probablt be able to help further (all local councils are listed online.)
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Hi I am in grade 9 now and want to become a politician I am realy good AT  speaking and want to know if do have a few pointers for me

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