Why Do We Blow Out Our Birthday Candles? Who Composed The Song Happy Birthday?


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Burning off candles should be changed into let it burn. I wonder burning off candles and making dark is not good sign for the future.
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History of birthday celebration starts before the rise of Christianity. in some culture it is believed that on the birthday evil spirit visit .It is belief that by creating so much noise is such parties scarce away the spirits.

We blow candles every year when we celebrate our birthday. When we blow out our candles we are following actually a tradition or custom created by the ancient Greeks. In the Greek tradition on the sixth day of every month, the birthday of Goddess of the hunt is celebrated. The ancient Greek in her honour made a honey cake which is topped with burning candles. As they blow out each candle, the people make a wish from Goddess for a present. In the same way as we blow each candle on our birthday it means that we believed that all of our wishes will be granted.

In 1982 .patty smith and Mildred hill wrote a song with the title of "good morning to you" for the school students in Kentucky, USA. But now that tune is sung with the words of "happy birthday to you " now that song is sung throughout the world and it popular in the entire world.
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Celebrating birthday is a kind of ceremony "birthday" the day of our born or initial birth, it made us to remember our birth, as the time pass so it is needed to do it. as blowing out candles and singing the birth song " happy birthday" is important and greeting it.

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