Who Sang The Song "It's Your Birthday, We Going To Party Like It's Your Birthday"?


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The name behind this song is 50 Cent. He is an American rapper. This song has won Best Rap Video at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards. 50Cent also won the Best New Artist In A Video Who rose to the level of celebrity-ship by the outstanding success of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' and The Massacre. 50 Cent achieved multi-platinum victory with both albums, selling over 21 million records around the globe. And now 50 Cent is setting up to release two solo albums by February 2008.


Some people don't like this song. Those who take rap as violating music absolutely hate 50Cent.They claim that rap is always about aggression, drugs, alcohol, humiliating females, and talking about how much money they have.

But I think 50Cent raps about genuine circumstances that some one in our society goes through maybe not each day. Many people say that you can't understand a word that rappers are saying but if you just pay a little attention to something once and you like it then you listen again therefore learn the lyrics.
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50 Cent

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