What Is The Reason Of Brain Drain In Pakistan?


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Remedies of brain drain
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Pakistan is developing country .it is in developing stage still we are looking for new recourses and establishment. In Pakistan there is so much talent in every walk of life .the only need is to make use of that talent so that, that talent can help in making the progress.
In Pakistan if there is a person who has completed his master degree .he was the most genius student of his college university. He is very good in his field .he has good command on his filed, but the problem he face is, he don't have any power.

In Pakistan that's the main issue of power. If you have power source or reference you can get job very easily, but if you don't have then you can't entered into any good field. So if the government is not giving benefit to that talented people, they are not using their talent in any field. Then the option left for them is to move abroad.  They will move abroad because there they can earn handsome money, they will get full benefit. There talent will be fully encouraged .there are the main thing which one person is looking for.
If in Pakistan all there benefits are given to any one, definitely nobody will go abroad. Every body will love to work for his country.

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