What Are The Reasons Of Political Instability In Pakistan?


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There are many reasons behind political instability in pakistan.
1.no one leader sincere with pakistan and pakistani nation. They have their own interest and aims.
2. Parties who are famous in pakistani politics are not handle people issues as they are expected.
3.they are not taking as well as foriegn issues in the interest of nations.
4. More than 60 years
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The political instability rose in the regime of President Musharraf when petition was filed against the Chief Justice of Pakistan and political instability was created in country. Benazir murder further added to the political instability but now after the establishment of democratic government, political instability has been reduced to a greater extent. The major factors which contribute to the political instability of Pakistan over the number of years are: Military take over, failure of democratic governments in achieving goals, the events of terrorist activities and unstructured and uncertain environment. Overall political environment will take time to stable the overall condition.
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Friend there are a lot reasons behind it, in which we can say a bad political experience, terrorism, no freedom of mind and some others.

I think that's enough.

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Because of redtapeism of members of government,

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