How Do Pictures Play An Important Role In Various Parts Of Life?


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There are a lot of moments and memories in our lives that we might forget if we didn't have pictures,such as people and places in our past,friends and loved-ones that have passed on.Without pitures of them,we would not be able to look back on them with fond memories.People who have lost someone when they were very young,or even before they were born,would never get to see what they looked like.Pictures play a very important part of our lives! It's a link for us to have a connection to our past. Sometimes pictures can also be used as a witness. If we have a picture of somewhere we were at or something we did,we have the proof we need to prove our honesty.But it can also prove our guilt,or be used to hurt someone(which is a wrong thing to do!). Pictures of wildlife or scenic pictures give us pleasure and joy;but it can be used to be educational as well.
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Over the years there have been a number of pictures introduced and there will be a vast exploration yet to be done. As it is very commonly known that a picture can give an entirely new aspect to any document. There are various kinds of pictures available now.
Initially the only type available was paintings. With the passage of time, as man started to use more techniques and discover many different ways of fulfilling his own personal needs he also invented various forms and various ways of producing pictures.

Today there are various forms of arts and media and industry are huge supporters of pictures. As it plays a sufficient role now-a-day .there are famous photographers who are popular for their talent in taking various forms and styles of pictures. Pictures do not only help them to introduce their talent but also helps them to discover more. Pictures at times are beyond understanding level. If it wasn't for the pictures which are available today, then there would so many aspects of life which would be un-reviled and untold. Therefore pictures are not only for viewing but also for getting knowledge from them.
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Pictures are important images of a time in our lives that we do not wish to forget.
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I'm really camera shy tho ... I don't like photographs unless I take them myself ...

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