What Were The Components Of The Compromise Of 1850 Shaped By Henry Clay?


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The issue of slavery was getting out of hand for the United States in the middle of the 19th century. Once again Henry Clay who had earlier framed the Missouri Compromise (which was also a compromise that dealt with the issue of slavery) came up with the Compromise of 1850, which had four components. The first component stated that California would be joining the Union as a free state.

Secondly the principle that would decide the fate of states such as New Mexico and Utah in terms of slavery would be none other than popular sovereignty. Thirdly the way Northerners were helping runaway slaves gain freedom needed to be stopped and for that purpose, a stricter Fugitive Slave Act would be enforced. Lastly although slavery would still be allowed in the state capital, Washington D.C., the practice of buying and selling African Americans in that region would not be allowed.

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