What Were The Black Codes?


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Black Codes were a set of laws passed by the Southern states after they joined the Union back again in the aftermath of the surrender of the Confederate Army, which put a permanent end to the American Civil War. Coming back to the Black Codes, this became a prime source of anger and opposition for many Northerners specifically the Radical Republicans. The Black Codes were actually the evidence about the grudge that the Southern states still held about the abolition of slavery, which was the most prominent repercussion of the American Civil War.

According to the Black Codes, the freedmen (the previously enslaved, now free African Americans) could only adopt the profession of farmers or house servants in the Southern states. Moreover they would also have to carry special passes while traveling. To counter this move, Congress established an agency called the Freedmen's Bureau, whose main rationale was to help African Americans adjust in the American society after they gained their freedom.

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